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Kunle Abrahams has his first degree in English and Literary Studies and subsequently followed by two Master’s Degree in Communication and language Arts from the University Of Ibadan. He has taught in all levels to the tertiary for over 2o years. His interest and passion for literary criticism is almost infectious. This has culminated in the highly, critically acclaimed work, Study Guide on Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah published by Arima Publishing, Suffolk,UK. He has also been prolific in producing a lot of creative writings especially in children’s literature genre such ,as:

The King’s Sceptre,

Pinku’s Hard Lessons and the Ungrateful Snake

Behind the Rough Road

Short Cut,Long Cut,

Makinde in the Market Place

Visit to the Tudmont Zoo

Too Hot to Keep.

A widely travelled writer, Kunle has attended trainings in the US,UK,South-Africa etc.

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